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15th August 2016

Happy Independence Day To Every Indian!

To let this Independence Day motivate you to make a better India, let’s reflect on the words of one of India’s most loved forefathers… Where The Mind Is […]
2nd February 2016

How Linen Is Made?

Linen yarn is spun from the long fibers found just behind the bark in the multi-layer stem of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). In order to […]
2nd February 2016

Woven Bags–A Serious Evolutionary Advantage

A simple piece of linen fiber or cloth might seem like rather un-exciting discoveries in the face of glittery riches from pharaohs’ tombs, but in fact […]
2nd February 2016
Linum, Leingewächs, Leinsamen

History of Linen

The history of textiles production spans cultures and millenia. From the silkworms of ancient China to the cotton bolls of pre-Incan Peru, art and artifacts from […]