Washing & Ironing from Rs.49/Kg

Whatever that can be washed with water comes under our laundry wash

This helps you to reduce unnecessary spend on dry cleaning

To make it more convenient for you, we charge on the weight of the garment load (1 kg load equals approx. 4 mid size shirts)

This gives you flexibility to give anything and everything for wash including to bed sheets, curtains and shirts/ trousers to salwar-kameez.

Our retail rates drop Starts from Rs. 49/ – per kg.

We use steam ironing as a standard feature.

Experience our wrinkle free packaging.

Refer to our most competitive price below in Price Chart.

Dry Clean from Rs. 79/- Per Pcs

Our Dry Clean expert ensures that fabrics that cannot be washed with water are put for ‘dry cleaning’

Be rest assured about the finest chemicals and best process that we use during dry cleaning.

We provide an option of hanger or fold options after steam ironing of garments.

Refer to our most competitive price below in Price Chart